Bumper And Screen Protector By Roxfit

screen protector Protect your Xperia Z smartphone, with this new Bumper and Screen Protector package, by the officially form Sony company, Roxfit.

It contains one bumper and a pair of screen protectors for front and back.  This package is a complete solution for people who want to keep their phone  away from scratches, dust and smudges and additionally keep it safe from any kind of knocks or falls.


The bumper consists of two parts with rubberised corners and cover all the Xperia Z’s edges. It has all the needed cuts, that allows you to have access to all the buttons and slots, like the power button and the headset jack. It is available in two colors Black and Grey.

Screen Protectors

They are for the front and back of the phone. Besides scratches protection, they dampen light glare, which is a feature not often found on other screen protectors.

US Price: Black, Gray

UK Price: Black, Gray

DE Price: Black, Gray

Bumper-Screen Protector-1




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