DR-BTN200M Sony Wireless Headset

DR-BTN200M Wireless Headset


The Japanese company has been really busy in the year of 2013. Many Xperia new smartphones have been flying off the production line, available for ones with deeper pockets and ones on a budget. Apparently that isn’t enough for Sony! They have been putting a lot of effort into their gadgets as well. Being Sony, quantity is followed by a great dose of quality. Let’s be honest, no one can afford a bad reputation in times like these. Anyways, Sony Wireless Headset DR-BTN200M is a gadget we’d like to focus on right now.

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There are tons of cool things about Sony Wireless Headset DR-BTN200M, but let’s start with the obvious facts. Wireless technology is slowly replacing the good old wire, and only thing that is going to be wired for the decades to come is power source. Sony is following the trend, including this particular headset. They work on Bluetooth technology so you can connect and listen music from your phone, tablet or PC.


This headset also has a microphone and call controls, which is pretty handy. In addition to that, there are buttons like play/stop, next/previous track, volume up/down, which in the end make for a pleasant experience without the need of even touching the main device. Unlike many headphones/headsets these you can wear for hours and they will still be comfortable, thanks to the thick layer of foam for the ears. Source of power is a decent 145 mAh battery, which will keep you going for 40 hours.


Sony Wireless headset DR-BTN200M is available in black or white color, at a fair price. All things considered, this is a product for people with a need of exceptional sound quality- in a wireless manner. Customers whose profession requires good headphones will also be pretty satisfied with this.

DR-BTN200M Price: US, UK, DE

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