Skin Guard Set Package for Sony Xperia Z


Are you bored of the look of your Xperia Z phone? You have two choices:
             1.Buy a new phone
             2.Buy a skin guard
Of course the second solution is much better. Xperia Z is one of the best phones currently on the market and the first choice will cost you a lot!
As you see in the photos, this skin gives a totally new look to the phone. Available in three different colors (Black, White and Gray) and at a fair price.
The Skin Guard also protects Xperia Z from dust and scrapes when you are not using a case. It’s made by Eco-friendly materials and the cover skin is high quality.

US Price: Black, White, Grey

UK Price: Black, White, Grey

DE Price: Black, White, Grey

Technical Details

  • High Quality Cover Skin : Skin Film made in Korea
  • Eco-Friendly Product with no harmful substances
  • Soft Texture of the Skin Polyurethane
  • 100% Customized luxurious pattern made in japan
  • Size to specifically fit the device
  • Easy to install / Remove
  • Removable for easy attachment with silicon adhesive


  • Skin Guard
  • Metal Sticker
  • Steinheil Ultra Crystal Film
  • Squeegee
  • Microfiber cloth

Spigen SGP Skin Guard Gallery:

skin-guard-black-3skin-guard-white-1 skin-guard-white-2 skin-guard-grey-1 skin-guard-grey-2

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