Sony Smartwatch – LiveView Touch Generation 2

Sony SmartWatch definitely is one of the coolest gadgets from the ongoing year. I don’t even know how I should categorize this thing! It is just a watch on the first sight, but when you start using it, the Sony SmartWatch becomes much more. Remote control in a watch form is the best description you can give this cool gadget! What Sony Smartwatch does? It acts as a remote control for android devices.


SONY Smartwatch

It takes a few minutes to set it up and connect to a main device (most likely your Xperia phone). You need to install an app called (in most Xperia devices is pre-installed) LiveWare to your smartphone. LiveWare is like a task manager for the watch. Then connect the two devices (smartwatch – smartphone) via Bluetooth. Once the sync is complete the watch will show the correct time as a sign.

sony smartwatch

After that you can download apps for the watch, which you use to remote control some features of your smartphone. For instance, you can download messenger app if you want the watch to notify (and show) you when your phone receives a message or email. If you listen to music while jogging, you can also switch through songs with your SmartWatch, using an appropriate app.

Standard calling controls are there, but the watch doesn’t have a microphone so you’ll need to use your phone anyway. That isn’t such a big disadvantage from my point of view, since it looks and feels rather odd talking to your wristwatch!


Finally for some tech specifications for Sony Smartwatch… The Range between two connected devices needs to be 10m or less, or the connection will break. Battery lasts for one day on heavy usage, while moderate and low usage of the watch will give you a few days extra.

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Sony Smartwatch Features

  • Caller identification
  • Ultra-responsive touch display
  • Convenient clip
  • Track information displayed while playing music
  • Bluetooth Technology

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