Android Jelly Bean Best Features


Android Jelly Bean Features

Android Jelly Bean is the latest version of Android available in the present world. A large number of Android users, including Sony Xperia users, were waiting for this update because it is equipped with a wide range of interesting and productive features. This article will let you know about the new and exciting features that are available in Android Jelly Bean.

Convenient Accessibility:

The new accessibility focus feature allows the user to move a cursor between controls in order to maintain a target for the next action. This accessibility focus assists you to launch the current item with a double tap. The “Gesture Mode” with voice output will assist the blind users to control the phone and get the Android Jelly Bean experience.  You can gain more control over the phone by text traversal in accessibility.

Offline voice typing:

Offline voice typing is a unique feature offered by Jelly Bean for the convenience of users. Many people find it annoying when they can’t dictate something to the phone without an active data connection. Fortunately, Jelly Bean has introduced an embedded speech recognizer which will help you to engage in your voice typing activities without an active Internet connection.

Interesting Widgets:

Android Jelly Bean is loaded with a variety of interesting widgets. These widgets make it easy for you to personalize your home screen. When you place the widgets on your screen, everything else moves automatically to make room. Large widgets resize on their own to fit the screen size. These widgets make it easy for the user to launch the apps.

Google Now:

Google Now is expected to be the future of the tech giant. Google is going to predict what the user will need and help him with that. You can experience this innovative feature with Jelly Bean. You can check for weather, traffic, places, flights, sports, currencies and many other things with Google Now. Information will appear as a notification when you need them.

Enhanced Google search:

In Jelly Bean, Google voice search is powered by Google Knowledge Graph. It means that you will receive what Google deems to be the best answer to your query in the first place, followed by other related results. The enhanced voice search has made Siri look terrible.

Notifications made easy:

The redesigned notification shade will allow you to take action on notification directly. Notifications that come from the same app are grouped together and you can pinch notifications to expand or collapse them. Android Jelly Bean also offer image previewing in notifications after taking a screenshot. You can even turn off notifications from selected apps in a convenient way.

These are some of the main and notable features that are new in Android Jelly Bean. It has impressed the Android users and most of them tend to upgrade to this new version and experience the new features. All of them are specifically designed to make Android users life easier.


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