Capture Underwater Videos And Photos With Sony Xperia Z


Did you ever imagine that your smartphone has more features than a stand-alone camera?  Capture underwater videos and photos using Xperia Z.

With new Sony Xperia Z you can do a lot more than with an ordinary smartphone or an ordinary camera. People at SoyaCincau made a video which shows that Sony Xperia Z is able to capture underwater videos and photos.

They sank Sony Xperia Z in a pool of 1.5m depth and they shot an about 5-10 minutes, 1080p Full high definition video. The phone performed perfectly and the video was outstanding! Even the audio underwater capturing was very impressive!

Sony says that Xperia Z is up to 1m waterproof for a maximum of 30 minutes, so be careful when you try this with your phone.

Here is the result:

Other Videos For Xperia Z’s waterproof performance:



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