“My Xperia” Service From Sony

my xperia

“My Xperia” is a service that helps Sony’s customers to find their lost Xperia smartphone, but also to carry out several actions to protect their data.

You can subscribe to the service using the Google ID to the “my Xperia” site, through which you can watch at any time where your device is located.

In case you have forgotten your device anywhere or you suspect that it is stolen, you can send a message to the “my Xperia” service in order to communicate with the one who found it. The device screen flashes and rings loud, regardless if it is on silent mode.

If your device is stolen, the  service is able to erase completely all the internal memory of the phone and the memory of any SD cards installed.

With “my Xperia” service you can be sure that no sensitive personal data will fall into the wrong hands (eg. passwords, photos, documents, files, etc.).

The service will be available gradually from the second quarter of 2013 for devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

Setting up “my Xperia” account

  1. Download and install “my Xperia” application on your mobile device. Go to Settings > About phone > Software update > New apps > My Xperia and tap the install icon.
  2. Go to  Settings > Xperia > My Xperia > Activate, to activate the service on your mobile device.
  3. You will receive a confirmation mail to your Gmail account.  The service is activated.
  4. To verify that “my Xperia” service is working correctly, from another computer or device use the Locate, Alert sound or Lock function. In case nothing happens, go again to Settings > Xperia > My Xperia > Enable necessary services on your mobile device. Then do the verification steps again.



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