“Sleep Of Death” Bug on Xperia V


“Sleep of Death” is a bug, that an Android device, most often in Android smartphones, having difficulties to wake up from standby mode. Restarting the phone or more rare removing the battery, will temporarily solve the problem.

In Xperia devices “Sleep Of Death” issue is not that often than in devices of other manufacturers, although there are many complaints about it.

Lately this bug appeared in Sony Xperia V device.  Many consumers had this issue and Sony Xperia Support team responded in 10th of January that the bug is being investigated and they will get back as soon as they have a solution on this issue.

If you are experiencing “Sleep Of Death” bug, it is recommended to upgrade your Xperia V device to the latest firmware (9.0.1.D.0.10). This is not a solution for “Sleep of Death” bug, but it worked for many Xperia V owners.

If this upgrade doesn’t work for you, it is recommended to contact your local support team for more info.

We hope Sony Mobile will come back with a proper fix for all Xperia V owners, for what is one of its current one of the best Xperia Devices.

 Update 16 February 2013

Sony Xperia V is expected to get a new update of Android Jelly Bean version 4.1.2 in the next weeks. It is rumored that the very annoying “sleep of death” issue is resolved. The firmware version is 9.1.A.0.490. We hope for a permanent solution from Sony.

If you have received the new Jelly Bean update, please leave a comment to inform all the Xperia V owners.

 Update 18 April 2013

Sony mobile Denmark confirms that the latest update of Sony Xperia V finally solves the SOD bug of the device among other improvements. Source

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