Best SONY Wireless Headsets Review

If you are like me and enjoy listening to music on the move or when you are working out (or indeed listening when you should be doing something else!) then you would be well advised to take the time a have a look at this simple review I have done on three different  sets of Bluetooth headsets that I have recently tested.

1. Sony Ericsson MW600 Wireless Headset – FM Radio


First up, i tried the Sony Ericsson MW600 wireless headset.

It has a very impressive talk time of 11 hours which for me is not as important as the standby time which came in at a whopping 500 hours!

I am a big fan of radio so the 11 hours listening time was just great for me too. You can also enjoy stereo audio from a phone or other Bluetooth device, such as a computer or a portable music player.

They are comfortable and the recharge time of 2 hours is satisfactory and you can do this via a micro usb connector which I found a good addition.

They are a serious contender for my ears! Range is very good as well. I can walk around the office and leave my PC/phone on the desk.
I think this would be a great purchase. Work flawlessly on all my the phones I tested it on as well as ipod touch and computer. Good sound quality. Rechargeable and battery last for ages.

2. Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro

Smart Wireless Headset pro

I then tried the Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro wireless headset.

I liked this for many reasons, the first being the 2gb mp3 audio/music storage facility which can be upgraded to 32gb!

Go steady with any upgrade though as it has been said that there are issues with the 32gb SD card..but still, 2gb of MP3 music is a lot.

First of all and foremost, the sound quality is better than other wireless headsets I have tested.. It sounds clear, crisp and loud, with a lot of bass. When the music is on, the middles and highs are both great. This is a big selling point for me.

As I said before, I love the FM radio feature of the MW600 which this has too, but the MP3 facility is simply great.
It is a better all round headset too packed with extra features like being able to View text messages, emails, caller names, media titles and more, or have messages read directly into your headset thanks to text-to-speech capabilities!

It’s got great range too for a bluetooth. If I was being honest, it does seem to have a little too much on it for it’s own good, but I liked the music feature.

3. SONY Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones DR-BT63EX


Lastly I tried the standalone SONY Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones wireless headset.

These are simple to use and have the basic remote control operation (play, stop, etc.) of music player functions via Bluetooth connection, but they do what they were intended to do.

They have the Wireless Music playback from Bluetooth Stereo-enabled music players and mobile phones feature also, and although the look basic..they are very competent. Battery life is lower though at 7 hours.

The Verdict

Overall, I would go for the the second one, Sony Smart Wireless Headset pro, as I like my MP3 music… If you were more into the phone chatting go for the MW600 as it has a the great standby time and if you want a no frills headset go for the DR-B63EX.

They are all good and all reasonably priced, you just have to decide what you need a bluetooth headset to do for you and then take your pick.

For UK prices check here:

Sony Ericsson MW-600 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Sony Ericsson MW-600 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Sony Smart Wireless Stereo Headset Pro

Sony Smart Wireless Stereo Headset Pro

SONY Wireless Stereo In-Ear Headphones DR-BT63EX

SONY Wireless Stereo In-Ear Headphones DR-BT63EX

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