Sony Xperia E – Best Xperia for “simple use” with Android 4.1

xperia-e-1Sony proposed an economical smartphone Sony Xperia E which will be available in the first quarter of 2013, those seeking a phone that would give them more “clean” phone calls,with sufficiently large screen, good performance of music and content viewable on TV wirelessly via DLNA.

Specifically, Sony Mobile Communications featuring the Sony Xperia E as “ideal for simple-use”

Promises excellent quality HD Voice that enables users to communicate with even clearer sound during the call. The Sony Xperia E has a function blocking external noise.

The advantage of Xperia E, showing the ability to control the use and cost of battery consumption. The Sony Xperia E carries app for measurement of usage data, which records how many MB of data is handled via the mobile network.

You can use counters to indicate the data traffic caused network in the monitoring period (which must be set appropriately and according to billing period of your provider). There is however evidence to negotiate with the network if challenged your account.

Also, the Sony Xperia E enters standby mode to increase battery performance up to 4 times. Once the screen is left on standby for a few minutes, Wi-Fi, the “data management” and most installed applications are disabled. Calls and messages work properly without any problem. By touching the screen, all functions return the specified normal.

The Xperia E will be available running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) in black, white and pink. Also, it will be released in version two cards SIM (dual SIM – Xperia E dual), which will be available with Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be upgraded later to Android 4.1.

For the latest prices check Sony Xperia E and Sony Xperia E Dual-SIM.


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