Sony Xperia ION Review


Sony Xperia ION Review

For those of us out there that are looking for a high end smart phone without the usual high end price, the Sony Xperia Ion is worth considering.

It comes with many power packed features that would cost you a lot more if you were to look at alternative phones, so with that in mind we will take a closer look at the Sony Xperia Ion and hopefully give you a little more information on this cool looking gadget.


The Design – Display

Firstly, it looks good to the eye. The design is first rate and very ergonomic in the hand. Sony Xperia Ion is a decent size without it being over big, but you do know you are holding it. It has a large, and to be honest, really quite beautiful screen interface of 4.6 inches in High Definition too. It is touch sensitive as expected and 1280 x 720 HD media looks absolutely stunning.


Apps and games

Apps and games run smoothly and extremely fast on the Ion thanks to the 1.5GHz dual core power processor and the 1gb of ram. It runs Android as expected and as an Android user myself, I found this interface familiar and easy to use. It does not have the latest Android software and although some say this drawback, it doesn’t really matter all that much.


Internet – Connectivity

The performance of internet browsing is extremely impressive and the Ion has little problem in streaming anything you find online effectively and impressively.

The connectivity to the web is aided by the great keyboard interface and this makes surfing and email a joy.The keyboard interface is bright and large and easy to use.


Camera – Audio

The camera is 12 mega pixels and I found this to be utterly superb in terms of taking 3d panorama style photos, videos and also regular snaps.

Sony Xperia Ion has a dedicated camera button that will activate the camera automatically and this is such an obvious touch that it is surprising many other phones don’t do this. It can also take video in full HD (1080p)which is surprising and most welcome. The camera is easy to use and the features it has are more than most would need.

The ability export and share HD videos is also extremely impressive with the share facility to Facebook and Youtube being so important these days!

The sound quality of Sony Xperia Ion is excellent. Playback of audio from mp3 or video has a good resounding beat and the FM radio is an often overlooked feature, but nonetheless, a nice touch.


Battery Life – Verdict

The battery life is solid and expected with the Sony Xperia Ion. A heavy user using many apps, games and listening to the radio can expect around 9 hours from a full charge, which is still pretty good. Normal users would obviously get a better battery life.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Sony Xperia Ion as being a hugely impressive phone that has great features, does everything you would want a smart phone to do with ease, but will not leave you feeling short changed.

Sony Xperia Ion is great value for money and dollar for dollar, in a league of it’s own.


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