Sony’s Music Lover Kit MK200


MK200 Music Kit

MK200 Music Kit For Music Lovers

For anyone who enjoys listening to music in his own privacy, headphones are a must-have! But not any headphones will do; a certain sound quality is required, not to mention for professional use. Well, you won’t make go wrong with Sony’s Music Lover Kit MK200. Don’t let the word “kit” frighten you, only the headphones and a belonging cable are included!

MK200 headphones look terrific – black or silver shiny, outer coating with the well-known SONY logo will certainly turn some heads. Except for looks, Sony is very proud of the sound quality they produce. Maybe you’ll need something better for studio needs, but I guess you wouldn’t be looking at such a low price range if you want to record an album!


Music Lovers Kit MK200 Pack

 At the bottom of the 150cm cable is the standard 3.5mm jack, so you can hook this thing up to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc… anything. A thick layer of foam is there, to make MK200 music kit more comfortable, which is very important if you plan to keep them on your head for more than 30 minutes!

As for the calling features, there is a microphone attached to the cable as well as the call handling remote, so you can do all your talking completely hands-free.


Music Lovers Kit MK200

As we said, you won’t need a huge budget for these. You can find MK200 music kit at Sony’s official web store, but there is always Amazon with much lower prices. Value for money is around 4/5, considering the design and the quality (sound and workmanship) you get.

Music Lover Kit MK200 price: UK, US, DE

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