SRS BTV5 Wireless Speaker

360 Degree Sound With SONY SRS BTV5 Wireless Speaker

Talking about cool gadgets, Sony’s wireless speaker is something worth mentioning. It is the SRS BTV5 wireless speaker to be more accurate, and there is a lot more to admire in this device, other than its speaker capability.


Let’s start off with the design. Sony SRS BTV5 looks sleek and sophisticated. It is available in black and white version, but color is the only difference between the two. Shape of this device is something in-between an egg and a sphere. On and off switch is located on the bottom of the speaker, while micro-usb and headphone ports are on the side of the lower „hemisphere“. USB port is only for charging the speaker, of course. There is also volume up and down button located on the same hemisphere, but you can control the volume with any connected Bluetooth device. At the top of the SRS BTV5 wireless speaker is a small cap, under which is the speaker itself. That’s pretty much all from the outside. SRS-BTV5-Wireless-Speaker-2

What is special about the SRS BTV5 speaker is the 360 degree sound output. That means the music you are playing will be „sent“equally to all directions. When you think about it, it is kind of opposite of surround sound…  Main usage of this speaker is, of course as an addition to a smartphone or a tablet device, though all Bluetooth devices are supported. So, basically you just need to establish Bluetooth connection between the two and start listening to your favorite tunes. SRS-BTV5-Wireless-Speaker-3

There is also a microphone on the side which can be used for phone calls. If you receive a call at the same time you are connected to the speaker, music will automatically stop and call itself will be heard instead. This is a neat little device both for indoor and outdoor usage. With 1.2 W of speaker power, don’t even think about using it at a party!

SRS BTV5 UK price: Black, White

SRS BTV5 DE price: Black, White

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