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In all mobile devices one of the most important things is Battery life and time between charges. All the Android Devices, including of course your Xperia smartphone, consume a lot of energy resulting the frequent charging. With proper use of battery and by disabling the unnecessary features, you may increase your Battery Performance.

Battery Time Between Charges

  • Install the latest official firmware. In every updated version of Android OS, Sony makes minor and major improvements that give your device a better performance including Battery time. You can check and install the latest one by using PC companion software, provided by Sony.
  • Dim the screen. Low levels of screen light always saves energy.
  • Turn off the 3G mode. If you are not using video calls, mobile internet, etc. it is recommended to have 3G disabled.
  • Turn off Bluetooth if not needed.
  • Turn off WiFi if not needed.
  • Turn off Data Traffic if not needed .

Finally you can try to recharge your device more than five hours with the following procedure.

  • When your phone’s battery reaches about 50% level, turn the phone off and pick out the battery for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Put it back and connect the charger with your phone turned off.
  • Leave your device to charge for more than five hours or overnight.

Battery Life

All new electronic devices feature lithium-ion batteries which are in accordance with the latest technology. The following tips may give your mobile phone or any other mobile device, a long lasting battery life.

  • Charge your battery often. It’s not necessary to fully discharge the battery before recharging. Actually it is not recommended to fully discharge your lithium-ion batteries.
  • Avoid leaving your device in heat. Heat is not a good battery’s friend and causes it’s life decrease. So don’t forget to avoid sun or anything else that produces heat.
  • Always use the right charger. By using the right charger you can extend your battery life. Using incompatible charges may reduce your battery life or ruin your battery completely.

5 thoughts on “Increase Your Xperia Battery Life And Performance

  1. a smartphone is meant to work, if i will have to take this much precautions and do care taking, i would rather like to switch to some other brand, which doesnt do this.

    and im saying this because i am using 3 phones as a test right now.

    one is a Galaxy S which i am using since 2010, and still on the same battery which it came with, 2nd is Xperia P (bought recently, less than a month) and third is Galaxy S3 which i bought around 6 months back.

    Both samsungs are always on 3g and wifi and bluetooth remain on though not discoverable, but still the radio remains on all the time, never switched off NFC in S3, Wifi also remains on on all the devices and still just keeping all the devices overnight Galaxy S drain 8-9%, S3 drains 5-6% but Xperia P drains more than 50% of the battery.

    this means that the old time Galaxy S had still much better battery management.

  2. I have recently bought the xperia acro s, and am also finding myself complaining every day about the battery life. I don’t play games on it, have used wifi about 3 times on it; bluetooth never, only my carrier’s data transfer for internet is on at all times. Screen is very dim, I don’t talk on the phone very often AT ALL, I mainly use it for social media, which would be facebook, whatsapp, plus yahoo mail and bb RARELY… Other than that it’s google etc. I’ve disabled tons of stupid apps I don’t need. Still I feel like something is draining my battery way too much. I sleep like 12 hours a day, so I really don’t give it an intense use, not to mention I charge it with the original charger/dock that came in the box. One last thing, on the cache part of the apps it says: “HDMI” I open that and on the ‘explanation part’ as i see it, it says: “com.sonyericsson.hdmi.controlservice”. I’d really appreciate it if someone could explain to me why this is being executed… I don’t even own an HDMI cable, there’s not even wifi at or around my house. In fact I signed up on this sony website so i could get some info, cause I’ve been searching weeks on the net and can’t seem to find anything. If this is normal then okay, if I’m being traced, hacked or whatever… I NEED to know. Thanks.

    • HDMI is a cable that allows you to connect a smartphone or a pc in your TV and i’ts OK. In my case (Sony Xperia M C1905) when I plug it in to charge instead of the % of the battery to rise it falls. I don’t know why. I bought it 2 months before and I really don’t know what to do. I do have it rooted and I have only 5 games installed (all of them from Play Store) and I use them often. Also only the Wi-Fi is mainly on but only in the evenings. If anyone can help me my e-mail is

      • Please,once you update or repair. Your software in sony pc companion, your whole data will be lost but you will see a great change in your mobile and fix all of your minor and major problems


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