battery life

In all mobile devices one of the most important things is Battery life and time between charges. All the Android Devices, including of course your Xperia smartphone, consume a lot of energy resulting the frequent charging. With proper use of battery and by disabling the unnecessary features, you may increase your Battery Performance.

Battery Time Between Charges

  • Install the latest official firmware. In every updated version of Android OS, Sony makes minor and major improvements that give your device a better performance including Battery time. You can check and install the latest one by using PC companion software, provided by Sony.
  • Dim the screen. Low levels of screen light always saves energy.
  • Turn off the 3G mode. If you are not using video calls, mobile internet, etc. it is recommended to have 3G disabled.
  • Turn off Bluetooth if not needed.
  • Turn off WiFi if not needed.
  • Turn off Data Traffic if not needed .

Finally you can try to recharge your device more than five hours with the following procedure.

  • When your phone’s battery reaches about 50% level, turn the phone off and pick out the battery for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Put it back and connect the charger with your phone turned off.
  • Leave your device to charge for more than five hours or overnight.

Battery Life

All new electronic devices feature lithium-ion batteries which are in accordance with the latest technology. The following tips may give your mobile phone or any other mobile device, a long lasting battery life.

  • Charge your battery often. It’s not necessary to fully discharge the battery before recharging. Actually it is not recommended to fully discharge your lithium-ion batteries.
  • Avoid leaving your device in heat. Heat is not a good battery’s friend and causes it’s life decrease. So don’t forget to avoid sun or anything else that produces heat.
  • Always use the right charger. By using the right charger you can extend your battery life. Using incompatible charges may reduce your battery life or ruin your battery completely.