Tips For Better Photos In Low Light Conditions


Many Xperia owners encounter problems with their smartphone camera usage. Especially when they try to capture videos or photos in Low Light Conditions. Here are some easy tips to improve your photos and videos quality.

Photos In Low Light Conditions

First make sure to use Normal capturing mode instead of Scene recognition capturing mode and use the Party scene setting. Scene recognition mode delays the camera focusing, because it tries to recognize the optimal scene mode, which is a bit difficult in low light conditions.  You can also try the Multi-autofocus setting. In difficult conditions like this, Multi-autofocus setting helps the focusing process to be much easier and faster. Regarding the flash settings,  it is recommended to use the Fill Flash mode, but consider that in many cases using flash, when capturing photos in low light conditions, is not always the best setting.

How to select these settings:

  1. Hold your Xperia phone  in Landscape orientation, after you have activated the camera.
  2. Make sure that you are in Photo capturing mode, using the slider on the top right corner.
  3. Select Normal capturing mode by tapping the icon on the top left corner of your screen.
  4. While you are in Normal capturing mode, the scene mode icon appears on the left side. Tap it and select the Party mode scene.
  5. To use Multi-autofocus setting, press the Menu key of your phone (always under Normal capturing mode) tap on the focus mode icon and select the Multi-autofocus option.
  6. Finally to make use of the Fill flash mode, press the Menu key, under the Normal capturing mode, tap on the flash icon and select Fill flash mode.

Videos In Low Light Conditions

When capturing videos in low light conditions, it is suggested to use the Infinity focus setting. To enable this, in video mode (use the slider on the top right corner), press the Menu key, tap on the Focus icon and select the Infinity focus setting.

Keep In Mind

Regardless of the settings that you like to use or the conditions, use of the camera the right way is necessary for the best possible results in capturing photos. When taking a photo your camera should be as steady as possible and don’t forget to use your camera capturing key correctly. Press the camera key halfway down to activate the auto focus, until all the pointers on the screen turn to green, which means that the camera focus is locked. Then press the key fully down to capture the photo.

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